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All universities and academic institutions must handle enormous quantities of data in the hard copy format.

This makes archiving, searching and retrieving data a difficult and time consuming task. Even in cases when universities and academic institutions do collect and store data digitally, they lack the staff and technical wherewithal to cleanse, categorize and normalize it. This impairs their administration and the welfare of students in several ways.

At JBL Data we have helped a large number of universities and academic institution from across the world process and digitize their data. We have worked with some especially elite universities, business schools and educational portals/websites in US, UK and Ireland. In each case our professionals handled and turned around their data capture and digitization projects with peerless competence and quickness. At JBL Data we implement ISO standards.When you make us your outsourcing partner you are assured the highest quality and impeccable data security. We are always mindful of the fact that universities and academic institutions generally work on a very tight budget. Our services, thus, are the most cost-effective in the market.

Among JBL Data’s data intelligence, data marketing and data support services there are some services especially relevant for universities and academic institutions:
Data Management Services:

As a part of our data management services we perform data cleansing and data de-duplication. Universities and academic institutions must update their records and students’ data every year. At JBL Data we will cleanse your data by ridding it of errors. We will also update it and remove all repetition from it.

Data Abstraction Services:

As a part of our data abstraction services we do research and academic data abstraction. The professionals at JBL Data are adept at every kind of research and capturing academic data from books, reports and archival material. We perform these tasks with one hundred per cent accuracy and within the briefest turnaround times.

Data Capture Services:

The rich assortment of data capture services offered by JBL Data is highly useful for universities and academic institutions. We can capture data from diverse sources like paper documents, scanned files, handwritten forms and the World Wide Web. At JBL Data we also offer specialized data capture services under which we capture data from surveys, questionnaires and enrolment forms. Click here for more details.

Scanning and Indexing Services:

At JBL Data we also scan hard copy documents and digitize their data. Whenever required, we use OCR tools to capture and digitize hard copy data. We are equipped with high speed ADF scanners and desktop scanners and can scan up to ten thousand pages every day. Once the documents are scanned, we will enter their data into a digital format of your choice like MS Word, HTML, PDF or RTF.

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