Data Annotation Services for Emerging Tech

We make AI/ML viable with explicit data, relevant contexts, and meticulous domain-specific semantics.

Data Support for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML dictate a new approach to business – one that requires a secure and constant flow of data to learn, grow and create value. You simply can’t handle a computer tons of data and expect it to learn – data needs to undergo some preparation in order for the computer/machine to find patterns and inferences within it. Thus, for machine learning models to learn efficaciously and systematically, there is a dire need for the right mix of expertise, time, resources and understanding – which might prove challenging for some organizations. That’s why it makes complete sense to outsource data annotation services and bring in third-party experts who can escalate the quality of your AI algorithm’s predictions.

The best part: once you hire data annotation service providers or data annotation companies, you can spare ample of time and resources to focus on other critical tasks of your business.

JBL: Your Reliable Data Partner for Deploying World-Class ML

To successfully utilize ML/AI solutions, you definitely need the right training data; and this is what you get at JBL. We stand with you to generate world-class data at scale and help you achieve the unachieved.

Properly structured and accurately annotated data is at the core of what makes AI/ML models work. Being a prominent global data annotation service provider, we make data labeling possible for every industry by training and managing teams of all sizes to create the data you need to properly train your systems.

By using the right set of tools and methodologies, our adept data annotators process massive volumes of raw data and build a constant stream of a structured and usable training data set. This is done by minutely identifying the problem statement, domain vocabulary, semantic concerns and use cases before commencing the data labeling process. Whether you need to craft the idea for a completely new machine learning product or evaluate the quality of an existing project, we amend our process according to your requirements and establish benchmarks that stand out. Outsource data annotation now and experience the change!

What Kind of Data Do We Annotate?

In our multi-channel reality, one type of data might not be enough. Thus, we annotate all of the major data types on our platform, on various classification levels.

The JBL Annotation Advantage: Infusing Confidence in AI/ML


Our skilled project managers use collective quality control methods and mechanisms to meet and exceed quality standards for training data.


With deep expertise planning and recruiting to meet a variety of use cases for our clients, we can quickly ramp up new projects in new markets.


We provide multi-layer security check including remote contractors, on-site contractors, on-premise solutions, and accredited security facilities.


Data annotation outsourcing to us means having access to cost-effective data labeling services that help you minimize the cost of your project without compromising on quality.

Round the Clock Availability

You can access the results at any time of day or night, as we work around the clock. See the status of your project and keep in touch with our team of experts.

Fully Scalable

We work closely with our workforce on data annotation to deliver completely scalable solutions that meet diverse client requirements.

World-class specialists at your disposal

Being one among ISO certified data annotation companies, we constantly invest in developing new technologies and testing various solutions to put the best feet forward. Outsource data annotation services for Machine Learning today and witness your business skyrocketing like never before. Talk to our specialists now!