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Data Marketing - Your Ultimate Business Partner

Customers remain at the centre of every business, regardless of size and type. It’s every business’s responsibility to keep its customers close and prospects closer; which brings us to data/database marketing.

Helping you leverage your customers’ data to deliver more personalized, relevant and effective marketing messages to them, data marketing services are extremely critical for businesses who are keen about knowing their customers. Accumulating customer information and analyzing it, is an ongoing struggle for most businesses. While some find it easy to pursue ‘big data’ at the expense of the right data, others find it hard since their major focus is on relevant data.

A database marketing strategy that is not optimized for business-specific needs just helps in knowing the maximum customers, instead of knowing enough about the right customers. Sources of information come in diverse forms, and they can often be disparate – preventing you from knowing and understanding things needed to sell more effectively. This needs to be changed and a reliable data marketing service provider can change it.

JBL- Your Data Marketing Solutions Partner

Having an in-depth understanding of your market is critical to business success. Right market data facilitates you in making informed long-term decisions, and we understand this well.

With expertise in data marketing services, JBL helps you convert your customer data into productive marketing campaigns - right from creating and/or validating targeted mailing lists of prospects to offering insightful and dependable sales support services; we have single-mindedly focused on bringing in the right marketing outcome, and forging a long term partnership with you.

We have the experience and professional marketing talent necessary to help you outplay your competition and make your mark. It's what we do, every day, to help your company lead and succeed in your industry.

There is no data request our hands-on team of industry-leading experts can’t handle. Get reliable and accurate data about your clients, associates and competitors with marketing data and custom list building services from JBL Data. You are just one call away from your complete data solutions partner.

Constructing Single Customer View Database

JBL’s Data Services help you maintain a higher level of data quality, analyze customer purchase and response history, precisely target and profile current as well as prospective customers and monitor other key metrics to implement successful business retention and growth plans.

There are several internal and external sources of data that our data experts aggregate to construct a single customer view database, including:

Data Marketing Services – The JBL Way

With JBL Data, improve the effectiveness of your campaign, target the right audience, and make the most of your marketing dollars. Take a look at our key Data Marketing Services.

Why JBL?

Our multichannel data marketing strategies offer extensive solutions to help you achieve greater market saturation and ignite your advertising as well as sales campaigns. This further allows you to reach a wider customer base while retaining and developing your current client relationships. Use them to enhance your lists or build brand-new ones.

Accurate, Responsive Data

We provide you 100% accurate data so that you target only a specific set of people, who are a perfect fit your business leads and save some extra dollars.

Grow, Make Better Decisions

Once you start targeting people who will most likely react, you can expand your business manifold and take better business decisions.

Real-Time Updating

Leverage our highly targeted email marketing data to experience better ROI, prove impact and drive measurable results.

Discuss Your Data Marketing Needs with Us

Put your confidence in us – our data marketing services can make your customer information work wonders for you. To find out more, contact one of our data experts.