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Transform Data into Intelligence

Data is in the center of everything in your organization – be it finding a new market for your business, devising marketing plans or analyzing the success of your marketing efforts - accurate, updated data gives actionable insights and true business outcomes. 

To maintain the accuracy of data and keep your business updated at all times, there is a dire need for data intelligence and mining services Today, data intelligence incorporates both artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, which permit organizations to analyze enormous amounts of data much faster and reliably than if done manually. Moreover, data intelligence helps expedite analytics by arranging data neatly and establishing clearer models for warehousing and scrubbing large data sets.

Collaborating with a data services provider can help you with a larger bandwidth of services, coupled with expertise and precise knowledge that is hard to come by.

Get the Most of Your data with JBL DATA

Corresponding to the rising need for delivery of accurate, reliable and well-timed data and information by business analysts, managers, customers and associates, JBL Data provides a wide range of data intelligence services custom-made to your project’s needs, ensuring the accessibility of business-critical information.

Our experts collect data that provides a greater context, including descriptive analytics and prescriptive analytics tools, to help you determine whether the dollars you are spending are providing returns or if they can be better allocated elsewhere. For organizations whose services are performing effectively but not experiencing growth, our data intelligence services can provide insight of areas where services may be optimized and possibly reveal different approaches that may be more effective over the long run.

The team at JBL Data works to maximize the effectiveness of your data by creating insights and intelligence. We are committed to a data-driven and information-based approach. With our business and data intelligence services, we can help you gain insight into your customer behavior, recognize common data patterns, and eventually organize it in a manner that lets you to easily target your segmented markets.

Getting Started With Data Intelligence - Our Process

Our ecosystem is secure from design through delivery and combines in-depth process expertise, intelligent process mapping tools, machine learning and cognitive intelligence systems.

The following process applies to most of our data intelligence efforts; however, we always identify your goals first and decide whether each step is required.

Data Intelligence Services at JBL DATA

We, at JBL Data, offer a wide array of data intelligence solutions that will turn your data into actionable insights.

Transform Customer Experience with Data Driven Decision Making

JBL data intelligence practice is experienced in designing and delivering data analytics and business intelligence solutions. With a portfolio of market leading vendors, our data intelligence experts help partners to find opportunities and build the necessary skills to turn data insights into positive action.

Above all, we follow a systematical approach and proven method to help you discover the hidden value in your data assets and facilitate informed decisions as well as data-driven decision making.

Partner with Us for Data Intelligence Needs – The JBL DATA Advantage

Our portfolio spans across the data intelligence market, with solutions that allow businesses to ingest data from multiple sources, transform and analyze the data, and eventually respond to the insights gained. Once you partner with us, you can

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